Day Trip

Since Melissa and I both had the day off yesterday we decided to take a little drive up the coast to Encinitas. Our first stop was a little vegan raw cafe called The Greenery. At lunch time they stock a refrigerator full of prepared goodied. Apparently they have full menu for dinner so I would love to go back and try it again.

We shared a few things things starting with the pesto pasta which was actually very thinly sliced zucchini with  pine nut pesto and sundried tomatoes on top. This was soo delicious! We also had a seaweed salad with peppers, leeks, and heirloom tomatoes and a creamy vegetable stirfry with a pine nut sauce which seemed more like a slaw of some sort but was still pretty tasty.

Next we headed over to The Lotus Cafe because Melissa said they had really great vegan cupcakes that she had tasted on her last birthday. Once we got there and saw their extensive menu we decided to eat again. Seriously, we couldn't believe it either but since we shared at the first place, and the portions were small, we decided it was our appetizer. :) We both decided on the vege chili dog. In our defense, we didn't finish it all. It was pretty good but I still think Melissa makes a better one for sure.

Oh dear, this thing was super great but I still have my half minus a couple bites sitting in my kitchen. I had never had a vegan cupcake before, and to tell you the truth I wouldn't even have known the difference. This little cupcake was so moist and delicious.

After the eating marathon we headed over to the Self Realization Fellowship to walk through their meditation garden that is perched upon the hill overlooking the ocean. It was really pretty.

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