The Civil Wars

I am pretty obsessed with this band after seeing them on the Grammy's recently. If you know me well, then you know that I have a super sweet spot for old country music and this band really does it for me. By no means are they an "old" band but they have the heart of one. Seriously. My crazy self spent the last hour seaching for videos of them and the only thing I came up with is how cool, and down to earth I think they are.


Life Is A Park

We have been spending a lot of time in parks lately. This little one of ours has been enjoying it tremendously. Rolling around, getting loose, and enjoying every last minute with us.

It really is the little moments that mean the most.


The Littles

 There have been many celebratory events for the littles of late. First was Mila's second birthday party two weekends ago. I crafted, two words I never thought I would say. Against my better judgement and since it was a bumble bee theme I made a flower crown with bees. That little thing didn't last a minute before it was taking twists and turns at the hand of the birthday girl herself. I'm so naive, I thought I could get at least one solid picture of her in it. Nope! Not a chance.

The following weekend we celebrated Lolli's third birthday. It was an art party and the littles got down. It was so fun that now I want one for my own birthday this year. Sort of joking but not really. It was strategic trying to stray far enough away from their little messy hands. Some were not so lucky.

I also want to say a huge congratulations to my friends who I visited recently in San Jose. On Tuesday morning, just before noon, they welcomed their son Otto into this world!!! He is a really cute one! You know those ones right? Cute babies. Yeah, he's one of those. I am looking forward to meeting him in person and adding another little to the expanding crew.