Hair Envy

I have always had hair envy of others. Maybe that is why I became a hair stylist. I get to sink my teeth (or hands) into other peoples hair and design and perfect what I have always wanted to be upon my own head. I am happy that I have hair, don't get me wrong. While I was looking for haircut and style inspirations, I fell
upon these. I really don't and cannot have such long hair but really love these depictions of just that. Such
amazing illustrations that if I ever own a salon of my own I would be more than honored to have him do
a wall in my salon. One can only keep dreaming right? The artist is Jonathan Reid Sevigny. I love his work.

These are pretty amazing in my opinion. You can
check them out on his very own blog.
By the way, internet, I love you.
Thanks for helping me
to find these! xo


Surfer Boy

 I have spent the past few days dealing with a major pipe break in our house. Time has mainly been spent with plumbers, contractors, and restoration workers. Damn, I should have been a plumber because those guys make bank. So, while I have had to be at home I have been scanning the internet (like always) for cool things I like.

Alex and I are having our 8 year anniversary on May 7th. It isn't our wedding anniversary since that isn't until October so we have decided to celebrate twice a year. The date of when we started dating and our wedding date. I have been thinking of a cool thing to get him and I found these prints today. They are a lot him and quite a good dose of me in the coloring and style. I think I just might have to order one, two, or three.
images found via surf painter



I love this little book. I just ordered it from Amazon after seeing it
on this blog. I really like the page about turning can'ts into cans and 
 dreams into plans. I am really working on that in my own life right now.

photos from Amazon


My Main Danes

If you are one of my closest friends you already know my love of The Raveonettes. Ever since a classmate of mine played them during my time at the Vidal Sassoon Academy I have been hooked. I have seen them numerous times and always think they are amazing. They hail from Denmark but I don't believe either of them live there anymore. I try not to think I am biased and like them only because I am half Danish as well. I believe that has nothing to do with it now. I just simply LOVE them.

 I think it doesn't hurt that the front woman Sharin Foo is amazing to look at. She has a very shy demeanor, even on stage but has that thing where you cannot take your eyes off of her. I think that is a pretty good quality to have if you are a rockstar.

This leads me to what I intended to post from the beginning about Mette Lindberg. She sings for the band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and they are also from Denmark. I have not seen them play live but I love their songs and videos I have seen. Here are a couple pics of her in action and her adorable style.
And last but never ever least, The Raveonettes
Sharin and Sune

photos from google images

Dreaming Of...

1. Going camping
2. Staying in a treehouse
3. Long bike rides

4. Hitting the open road
all images found on weheartit


Our Makers

Alex and I were born the same year so it looks as if these pictures were taken around the same time. This is where it all started. We are both so incredibly lucky to have awesome and very caring parents. We both could not ask for more. Alex's overalls kill me everytime I see them. So adorable, seriously. What a babe, or bay bay!

I love the early 70's Miami vibe of the photo of Alex. His mom is a beauty, young or a bit older. At our wedding our photographer kept saying how pretty she was, and she is. His dad is just cool. Simply.

I love to look at my parents when they were younger. My mom was a fox. She will not believe me when I say that but to me she always has been. Such a cool woman and soo smart. My dad could of used a haircut at the time of the photo, but that is the hairdresser in me talking. He has a very funny personality and is always polished and looking good. I love them both!


Snaggle Tooth

This picture kills me, but in a good way. It was the first picture I took with my big girl camera. I adore this pic of Koo. Pure and simple cuteness, and toothless for that matter! My baby is getting old. At least she still has tons of energy, personality, and good looks, minus a few teeth. xo

Loving These

I am always online shopping, whether I purchase or not. There are so many things
I want but always ask myself if I really need them. I believe after much thought, I do REALLY need these! I found Ashley G and Drew's Etsy shop and I am in love. I adore all the prints so I definitely had to edit to a few of my favorites. Always and forever, a lover of cute little things I will be!


The Koo

This is Haiku. AKA The Koo, Kookles, Schmookles, Bubs, Bubby, The Kookinator, and most recently The Boss. My very best friend for 14 years now. She is such a funny creature with the best personality and a mind of her own. The Wolf thinks she is going deaf. I think she just doesn't listen to us anymore (not sure if she ever did). I found the first pic while looking through old pics on the computer. I still laugh everytime I see this photo. She is probably mad that I made her dress in such typical hipster attire. A fashion faux pas for sure. The second pic was today on one of our many daily walks. So cute! I love her to pieces.


Numero Uno

This is my first post. Kinda cool! Check back for the adventures of bunny and the wolf. I am looking forward to having a place to put all my thoughts, experiences and inspirations. It will only be true and completely me if I allow it... so...here it goes...