Helping A Friend

Months ago I mentioned my trip to NY to help a very close friend through a very tough situation. She is doing well now and some how managed to gain her MFA while still trying to hurdle some obstacles. This past weekend our friends had an art auction in her honor selling her amazing photography as well as many other great artists work. We had a impressive turnout and couldn't be happier for all the love that was spread her way.

The board in the first picture was glassed by my ever so talented husband. That board is a serious beauty, wood fins and all!!! In all the years I have known Alex, I have never seen a board so perfect. It really shows that when you have your heart in something for such a great cause, magic happens. We will be auctioning off the board at another event to donate proceeds to Ame. A beautiful board for a beautiful lady.

photos: lee reynolds


More Boards And Babes

I love getting lost in the photos on Oracle Fox. They evoke a feeling in me that make me wish I wasn't such a wuss in the ocean. It doesn't hurt that her style is so on point with the laid back but yet still stylish vibe I love. Maybe, just maybe I'll give it a shot again in the ocean this summer. We do have quite the array of boards stashed all over our house so it shouldn't be a problem.



When the weekend starts by babysitting this funny little one you know you're off to a good start. I had so much fun with her! Pretty much the coolest chick in town. As you can see :)

Have a happy weekend!


Love These Looks!

I'm not sure if I would look all kinds of crazy in these pants on top but I sure think they look great on her. Especially with that blue top. Wow! The dress on the other hand, just my speed.  

via Zara


A Different View

I love the boldness of color, lines, and shape in these overhead photographs by Navid Baraty. So striking!


Our Weekend: Mexico

Mexico was a blast! The only thing I regret is not taking some real pictures. Sometimes it's hard when I'm living in the moment and enjoying myself so much that I don't want to lug a big camera around with me. This was the case this weekend.

Saturday we hit the road with our two friends from Los Angeles and made our way through Tijuana and on to the highway that leads you through all the beach towns along the way down to Ensenada. Since I have not visited Mexico in a couple years it was such a nice departure from the norm to see different sights, really relax, hear my husband dj in a wonderful place, and remember exactly why I loved coming down here so often before.

The food, the sights, the people! I have a definite love for the people of Mexico and how gracious everyone is to us when we are down here. It was a perfect weekend!


Scout & Catalogue

I'm thinking this clutch from Scout & Catalogue is just too perfect to pass up! Maybe as a little present to myself for working so hard lately? I'm sold.


Our Weekend

We had such a great weekend, filled with all the things we love. Music, food, and friends. Saturday was a lazy day of pampering ourselves for our anniversary, which ended in a night out together with my bestie Melissa to see The Raveonettes. We have seen them a handful of times but it is such a great show everytime. I love how my husband knows how much I love them and gets happy to see me have such a good time, everytime. They seriously rock in my opinion! Sunday we went to a late lunch and drinks with another friend after speaking to both our mothers for their special day and had some ceviche and amazing fish tacos at our usual spot La Playita. Such a happy and content weekend. Now the countdown starts until the next. We are going to Mexico for the weekend!!!



Oh man, life has been super, super busy recently. Two jobs with little free time is quite jarring after not being in the work force full time. My lack of free time has not allowed me any amount of time it even takes to snap photos, look on the internet at all, or blog myself. None! 

On a really positive note, Alex and I will be celebrating our 9th  anniversary together tomorrow. We have plans to spend time with our furry old lady, get foot massages, go on a lunch date, and see one of my favorite bands in concert tomorrow night. I feel like a really lucky lady to still be with my favorite person in the world after all these years. Life is good.