I Want To Wear This

Yes. Every. Single. Item. Even the hat! I never fancied myself a hat person, but times may be a changin'. I'm off to L.A. today for several days of work. So... have a good weekend, a little early. Be back next week.



Love this piece by artist Eine.


Our Weekend

This past weekend was one of those ones that makes me so happy! Lazy mornings that move at a pace I can embrace wholeheartedly after the crazy week I had. Slow moving and filled with friends and food. Pretty perfect to me. Saturday we went to a potluck, and not any potluck, a vegan and vegetarian one at that! Since I stopped eating meat once again, I love all the creative and amazing friends I have to inspire me and keep me on my toes while enjoying some seriously scrumptious food. Sunday started off really slow but with a slew of text messages and phone calls from our friends wishing us a Happy Easter. Since my nickname is bunny I'm sure you can imagine that my inbox was quite full. We decided last minute to have a friend over and roast some veggies and a chicken (none for me though). The end of the day resulted in a dance party in Alex's record room, dubbed the man room, bunny glasses included :). Fun times for sure. Hope everyone had a good one too!


Time To Relax

It seems that I've been a bad blogger of late, only checking in at the weeks end. Between having a car that kept breaking down and then finally bid adieu, looking for a new car daily while sharing one with Alex and dealing with the horror of car salesman (eek!), going on another job interview while maintaining my current one, having the time of our life in Los Angeles for three days, getting the job I interviewed for and starting the day I got back, and then picking up my new car (!!!) I feel I haven't had a moment to spare. Phew! Can't wait to take my new baby out for a spin with my man and enjoy the weekend by taking a deep breath.

Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll be back before next friday :)



I seriously feel this week came and went at the speed of lightning. At least we had some time in between working to fit in seeing some friends and our favorite wee ones, snuggle time with pets, meals at our favorite spots, and few nights just relaxing at home listening to some records together. Now on to the weekend. Free of work and time to have some fun! Tomorrow we are heading up to LA for a couple of Alex's dj bookings. Also on the agenda: staying here, eating here, and seeing this. Can't wait!

Have a fun and playful weekend!


Hello Kitty And Hello Weekend!

These cat collages by Stephen Eichhorn are seriously where it's at. They make me smile ear to ear!
Check out more here.

Have a happy weekend. Yes... so thrilled!


Babes And Boards

I love the laid back beach vibe from the newest lookbook from Planet Blue. Funny thing is I thought of Alex when I first saw it. What more could a surfer guy want than babes and boards. I think I'll print them out and hang them in his dj/record room. I'm sure he wouldn't complain :) See the rest of the shoot here.


Linen T-shirts

Since shopping wasn't my main objective while I was in New York, I only set out one day and limited myself to a couple basics, which is pretty much all I wear anyway. I had wanted to check out Zara and see if I could score one of those inexpensive pairs of red skinny jeans I had mentioned before but upon closer look at them they screamed "Oh Hell No Anna". On me at least, so I picked up a couple linen t-shirts instead. Love these things. Perfect cut and drape with the weight of the fabric. Now I have to make the hour or so drive up north to pick a couple more up. Love them!

Back From NY

I got back from New York last week and all though it wasn't a real vacation, the trip was rewarding in the sense that I came home with a new outlook and and some new realizations. One thing that rang true for me is that family and friendships really make my world go round. Without the help of my parents and their frequent flyer miles I wouldn't have been able to make it out there at such short notice to help my friend. A big thank you to them. Also, the friendships that I have cultivated over the years really mean more to me than I can express here. Through good times and unfortunately the bad ones as well, I believe we have really struck gold in the friend department.

On one of the few days out I had there I went on a walk to take pictures of a house that my great, great, grandfather lived in for my mother (top pic). I'm glad it was still there. I met up with another friend and went to Fort Greene, made our way to Soho for a bit and ended our day at a super amazing Japanese restaurant in the East Village. I really adore that city but I realized more on that trip than ever before that I am a West Coast girl at heart. A pretty great realization for me since I have felt misplaced living in Southern California most my life, am as pale as can be, married to a surfer and surfboard craftsman, and tend to complain a bit about weather over 80 degrees. I'm not sure if it is age or what it really is but I'm beginning to find comfort in the overall easy life this weather affords us and the amount of beauty, all in a relatively close proximity to home. I think it's pretty safe to say now, I love California! Now if I could only get all my friends and family to move back here I'd be as happy as can be.