Happy New Year! (almost)

Our Christmas was lovely to say the least. So lovely that is has taken me this long to get back on track. On Christmas Eve we had people over for a big feast and we really enjoyed spending time with friends from out of town that we don't see very often. Christmas day we opened presents, ate too much again, and even took a couple naps. Pretty amazing for me since I'm not a napping kind of girl. Overall it has been a really peaceful and relaxing week with loved ones. Tomorrow we are taking off for a desert getaway for a few days to ring in the new year with some of my best ladies and their gents. I can't wait!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! xo

photo and cute diy via here's looking at me kid


Pantone Mugs

When I saw these mugs today they reminded me of Alex so much. Since we decided not to get many presents for each other this year and it is only days away now, they may be out of the question. Probably a good idea anyway since he drinks his coffee out of an exact reusable replica of a to go plastic venti Starbucks cup. Complete with the green plastic straw. Strange boy, or just a creature of habit.


A Very Raveonettes Christmas

The holidays are weird. Yes, I said it. I love the real aspects of it but cannot jive with the craziness that comes along with it. Work has been busy with people getting their best look on for their families or whatever. I'm not sure what it is but it's always busy this time of year. I , on the other hand am just looking forward to relaxing with my grown out roots and having a relaxing time with friends over the holiday. Maybe listening to my favorite band while sipping  chugging a glass of wine. So, here they are again, my much loved Raveonettes doing a Christmas song for you all. The video is a tad cheesy, but you'll get the point :)


Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas tree up the other night, and boy was it hard for us to get the thing straight. Not sure if it really is depending on which angle you look at it but we are happy and the house is smelling so good. I'm looking forward to relaxing at home this weekend and taking it all in. Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!


All Grown Up

To me having a dining room and table is something that I have always equated with being a grown up. Sounds strange but for years I have been wishing and waiting to live somewhere where we could have just that. Have dinner parties, you know? Now, we do, even though it belongs to my lovely mother who has amazing taste, it is still not ours. When and if we ever acquire our own, I would want it to look a little something like the picture above. It's so beautiful. The table... wow, the seating... double wow!! 


Drool Worthy

Umm hello... these are amazing!!! Maybe you have seen them before, but this little newbie to the blogging world has not. Thanks to my bff Jason for doing the guess work for me and sending these over yesterday. Amazing!!! I want them all. How great would it be to have a wall of them? Like a whole damn wall!!! Yes.

awesomeness from focus line art by tracy melton



Untitled from Anna Borre on Vimeo.

This little girl is for sure one of the happiest things that has happened in my life! Please excuse my giddy ramblings and constant laughter. I'm sure after you see it you can understand :)


I really, really love these printed silk scarves, they are making me a bit weak in the knees actually. So is the price though and not in a good way. I'll just admire their beauty from afar.

via creatures of comfort


Sass & Bide

Here a few of my favorite runway looks from Sass & Bide s/s 2011. So hot!

images from style.com