The Weekend

I think it's pretty funny that I was talking about fall clothes in my last post due to the fact that we have had a super heat wave that rolled in this weekend here. After lusting for wool, knits, and boots I was laying out at our pool having margaritas and trying to catch some sun. It was fun for sure until it hit the 100's. I'm not a fan of major heat so the past couple days have killed me. I've had to work as well so it has been even more unbearable.

Sunday I was lucky enough to get off work early enough to enjoy part of the day. I was planning on meeting Melissa at the street fair that was going on in her neighborhood but due to the heat, all I could ask for was some ac and some good food. Alex met us and we had a great meal at Kensington Cafe.

I had the greatest vege chorizo tacos. Super yum, but I always find something that I think could make the meal totally complete. In this case it was something semi crunchy like a pickled red onion. But that is just the perfectionist in me. All in all it was super good and then Melissa and I made our way to the Blind Lady Ale House for a drink while Alex hung out with a friend. It was really a great place that I would love to go back to when it is less busy for sure.

  After that we headed downtown to catch a happy hour where our friend was playing music. Meliss took a pic of us since we, or I rarely make an appearance on this little blog. Here we are.... The happy couple :) It is almost our two year married anniversary in a couple weeks!

 Hope everyone is having a good week so far. xo

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  1. i'm super bummed we missed the street fair but it was too freaking hot! fun weekend:)