Our Weekend

It was a relatively relaxed weekend filled with work that doesn't feel like work( I love my job!!), a tasty dinner and drinks with much missed friends, hours of surfing for the man, a bagel breakfast date together, beautiful ocean views, a last minute dinner with friends at our house, late night swimming, and soooo much laughter!!! I seriously went into the laughing so hard I'm crying stage a ton this weekend and I really needed it. Perfect!



Saturday we attended a memorial for one of Alex's long time surfer buddies wife who suddenly passed away last Saturday. I really didn't know what to expect since I had never met Susan before and only had met her husband Mark a handful of times in the past. I was extremely blown away by the love, support, and admiration that everyone who knew her had for her. In a few short hours I felt the immediate connection to a woman that everyone spoke so highly of and really felt her essence. Her photos of an extremely well lived life were scattered around the outdoor space and the radiant words spoke by her children really spoke to me. I got the feeling through listening to her friends and family speak that this was a woman that I would have so wanted in my life. Her spirit really did soar through the shores of La Jolla that day.

After the words were spoken all the boys and girls suited up to head out to the ocean for a paddle out in honor of Susan. I was really awe stricken at the mass of people and the energy that surrounded the whole experience. It was so amazing to see everyone paddle out and also all the people watching with open hearts and love flowing everywhere. I really love that ritual when it comes to death in the surfing world, it has such unity and embraces nature. It was very touching to watch.

Obviously after a day where I was constantly reminded by this diverse group of men, how great my husband is, he is loved whole heatedly by so many people and I'm so happy to say that I am his wife. We decided to hit up a new place for dinner and spend some serious one on one time. Appreciating each other to the fullest. Such great food, halibut rolled tacos, hello! I am extremely happy for the little family I have. It means the world to me.