A Summer Visit

Last week we had a visit from one of Alex's sisters Katie. It was a perfect excuse to abandon our daily routine and get out and soak up every last bit of this summer that we have been enjoying lately. We walked  the trails of the always gorgeous Torrey Pines, lounged on the beach with friends, had lunch at one of my favorite spots with a killer view, a dinner party with my girls, saw Beginners (loved it), made a trip to the desert to show Katie the amazing Salvation Mountain, and even hit up a water park! I forgot how much fun those damn water slides can be. A little water up the nose never hurt anyone. We are already planning another go of it asap. The beginnings of a tan have even crept up on this pale lady. Whoa! I'm not ready for this summer to be over. Not one bit.


Mexico Weekend Pt.2

On the last day of the trip we headed further down the coast to get our serious tourist on and check out La Bufadora, a large blowhole located right next to the cliffs of Punta Banda. A fairly short and windy walk down through all the street vendors yielded us with bags full of objects we never knew we needed until then. Surprisingly I managed to leave with only a belly full of street tacos and a colorful backpack. Quite shocking since the street vendors have their hustle on, big time!

I somehow felt sad leaving the little town, knowing that the end of our trip was coming to a close. I really feel most alive on our little journeys to small places and wonder if and when it could ever be possible to live a life so free. I have been taught to believe that reality is based somewhere between real life, and the luxury of doing exactly what you want to at any given moment, but I can't help think that there has to be a possibility to live this freely always. Or, maybe I'm still younger and more naive than I believe I am. Either way, It was a really memorable getaway that I will cherish.


Mexico Weekend Pt.1

Last weekend we made our way down the coast past Ensenada to a small beach town close to Punta Banda. Getting there was a little difficult when you are relying on directions that tell you to make turns at the dirt road (loads of them), or Pemex gas station (they are on every corner). Things got a little hairy but once we arrived and saw our rented beach house we forgot all about the little detour there that landed us on a tiny dirt road off the beaten path that we named "Chihuahua Alley". The house was to die for. Balconies surrounding the house on every floor with a roof top deck that had an amazing view of the ocean and was perfect for viewing the lush amount of stars on display.

We spent hours lounging on the fine sandy beach, riding horses!!, watching our daredevil friend fly high in the sky, and laughing until our faces hurt. Dinners of tamales from local street vendors and much cerveza that ended in dance parties and nights spent taking the view and ocean air in. It was heaven.