Vogue, September 2010

Gorgeous photos of Lara Stone from the September issue of US Vogue.
The colors and the hair, oh my. I love it! What a beauty.

Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington
Photography: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot


Molded Armchair

I'm not sure how I feel about reproductions but the sale price of this chair is making me get over whatever reservations I may have. $129.00! It's a steal and pretty damn cute. It also comes in black and red. Love it. Find it here.


Not sure why these rural sculptures and collage by street artist Skount resonate with me but they do. I would be thrilled if I was out in the middle of nowhere and saw them, that's for sure. Nowhere in this case being somewhere in Spain. I just love them in contrast with the landscape. So cool.


Lovely Lace

I have been a fan of Stone Cold Fox from a distance for awhile but this particular dress makes me want to go ahead and get married for a third time. Yes, we are that kind of couple and got remarried on our first anniversary last year. Not a big production. Just me, Alex and Elvis in Vegas. I'm a lover of the short and more casual wedding dress, so if you are too you can find it here.



We got back yesterday afternoon from Palm Springs, and I must say that it was a blast. We had a nice and relaxing time lounging by and in the pool, consuming loads of cocktails, and eating some really great food. We went to a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the area of course since I was traveling with the "Vegenista" and they were tasty. Check out more of the eating marathon in pictures on her blog.
We stayed at the Ace Hotel and loved it! I didn't take many pictures though sadly. This is probably due to the fact that we were in swimsuits mostly which adds to my camera shyness. These will have to do.
Now it's back to reality and work. Sigh.


And We're Off......

Leaving in a few for a ladies getaway with Melissa! Super excited! I say this now because I am sitting at home in our air conditioned home. We will see in a few hours :) Not really a fan of super duper heat but I'm really happy to get away for a few days.
Happy weekend to all!!


Ba Da Bing

I sort of feel like I'm cheating on the hubby for posting this since he makes beautiful boards himself but this board from Bing Surfboards is oh so pretty. I guess since he showed it to me it's not too bad. The board is a collaboration between Bing shaper Ashley Lloyd and artist Serena Mitnik-Miller as a tribute to the surf movie Dear and Yonder. I'm not fronting like I'm a surfer myself but I love a great artist or craftsman, and I'm always down for a great surf movie. Here is a peek into the Dear and Yonder movie...

Got to give it up for the ladies! They have such grace.

Blog Love

I definitely spend too much time on the internet, more than I should. This is probably because I only work a few days a week. There are times though that I come up on magic or something that really makes me laugh, and for that I applaud you internet and all of your inhabitants.

While looking at this blog I came across this blog and was pleasantly surprised. Even though I already have tons of wit in my life, with several friends that I'm always enamored by their style and delivery, there is always room for more. Leah posts a thank you note a day. Here are a sampling of my faves...

Love, love, love. Check out more of the goods here.


Weekend Fun

We had another fun packed weekend that was made even better by two amazing house guests. One of those guests having more energy than anyone I know :) We got in lots of swimming, a beach trip, delicious home cooked meals, and a entertaining dinner out at Shogun . If you are wondering what that green cocktail is, we made avocado cilantro margaritas loosely following this recipe. We added a bit of cilantro and a touch of margarita mix from Trader Joe's and they were super tasty.

Happy Monday!


One Of Those Days

I love being a hairstylist very much but there are days when things don't go as planned. Either it is a client with unattainable expectations, a strange lack of connection with someone, or the much hated scenario of me thinking I could have done a better job. It is the perfectionist in me that loathes these days. The client probably doesn't even notice but it eats me up to know. Today has been one of those days. So... just looking at this print of a Japanese Chin, just like our beloved Haiku makes me crack up and gets me back on track.
It's only hair right? Cheers to that!
Of course I had to buy it here.


Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel & Spa

This wellness hotel and spa in Austria are mind blowing and beautiful. Austria has never been at the top of my list of places to visit but it may be now. So amazing!

Moon And Sable

I love these quartz and cat eye necklaces made by my friend Maribel. She recently started
an etsy store called Moon and Sable. Perfect for that witchy woman in you :)

Suit Up

The summer here is almost over but I unlike most socal residents feel that it will hit us late when we least expect it. I am also going to hit the desert heat it a couple weeks and wanted a swimsuit to fit my style.
To be quite honest I don't know if there is even a swimsuit to suit my needs but this is the best bet. After reading hundreds of reviews on Modcloth, and many of them addressing my body issues, I made the purchase. I am going to cross my fingers and hope the delivery bears fruit. Not too much of course because nature has already taken care of that. Will let you know the results.

*update: My fears of being the only gal (out of hundreds that reviewed this suit) that this suit wouldn't fit have come to an end. I received the suit this morning and it fits like a glove. Seriously amazing. It has support in all the right places. Even the hubby loved it! I am so relieved! Now I want one in every color :)


Our Weekend

Here are a few random pictures from the weekend. Luckily we had some nice weather so we took advantage of it. We went to a BBQ with friends and spent sunday by the pool. Not a bad life :)
the grub
the boys
Puppy waiting for someone to drop some food
Me and the little man
Heather and her gang



Ok so you know I'm dying over the bunny sleeping bag in one of my favorite colors, right? So perfect for me. I am in love! Perfect for the camping trips we are so wanting to take and haven't yet this summer. For how chilly it has been here we would need sleeping bags for sure. I'm thinking of ordering that gardening apron for work too. I always hate the options they have at salon stores for coloring aprons and I think that one would fit the bill (in the bunny print of course). There are so many cute and practical things on their site as well.