Wednesday Fun

Today was a good day. I always love wednesdays because I usually head out to the thrift stores in search of treasure. I didn't strike gold today at the shops but after I payed a visit to my best friend Sheri and Miss Mila I certainly did. Mila's personality is really coming out more and more as the months go by and I am so happy to have them living in the same city once again. Sheri used to be a dj years ago, pre-marriage and baby so when I saw this onesie months ago I knew it would be fitting. She finally fits into it so we had a fun time dressing her up and laughing our little hearts out with her. She really is a ton of fun. Just like her mom!

Tomorrow is the start of my work week. Long days and loads of clients. I hope I can snap some before and after pics of the hair since I have been meaning to do that for awhile now and post them here. If only I could remember my camera as I am rushing out the door.

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