Hell Yeah...

Today while I was looking on one of my favorite blogs I found these. Aren't they amazing? I love them. Gotta have them, and will. Here are some of my other favorites...
I could go on and on but I wont. There are so many amazing creatures. Check them out for yourself.


I'm Getting Deep

I stumbled across these questions today and they got me thinking a lot. Maybe it's all the benadryl I'm on right now that is making me sappy but check out the questions and tell me what you think.

Oh... Have a great weekend! By the way, I'm not going to the desert this weekend. Sadface. Had to reschedule. At least I will be home living and loving with our little family though.

print via. We have one framed on our credenza. Love it.


These dresses from the fall collection by Dace are killing me. I have to get my mits on at least one! The top two come out in August which is only days away. First I have to go rob a bank or see how the money tree I planted is coming along. Dreaming is good right?


Camila do Rosario


 Very beautiful artwork by Camila do Rosario.


The Miramar

I know that this shoe is semi ugly, over the top, too high, and not something I really need but... I feel that I do. Still can't wrap my head around why but oh well. Plus the name of the shoe is a name of a street blocks from our house. A sign right?


Desert Dreaming

Though it's only monday, I am looking forward to taking off this weekend for a little getaway with Melissa. A girls weekend into the hot as hell but beautiful desert. These photos are getting me excited. As long as there is a pool that awaits my arrival, I should survive.
pretty photos via blurrylens on etsy

Weekend Fiesta

We had a productive and fun-filled weekend. Saturday we spent the day shopping for goodies for the house and did some cleaning. We both always feel so much better when things are a bit more tidy around here. On sunday we went to a Mexican themed birthday party for our friend Angie who was visiting from New York. Tons of food and some yummy sangria I made from scratch. It turned out pretty good so I was happy. Once again, I was reminded of what fun, silly, and amazing friends we have. It was a great weekend.
I had to get a close up of Mila's adorable Mexican embroidered dress. So cute.
Happy Monday!



When can we move in? I feel like we should be living here.


Travel Bags

These classic carry-all travel bags by new company John and Mary are so great. I love the simple canvas and leather design. Nothing fussy, just cool. They are having a launch sale on the website until July 31st and the deals are incredible. Go take a peek.

I'm Back

I took a little break from the internet for a week or so. It was pretty nice to see the line between my eyebrows settle since I am usually furrowing my brow while staring at the computer screen. Time for glasses maybe. Now that I am back on track, I love these pod planters from Sprout Home. They are a little pricey though. Has anyone seen anything similar at a lesser price anywhere?


Sprucing Up

Our second bedroom/office space is so cluttered at the moment we can barely walk in it. It houses racks filled with all the vintage clothing I hoard, as well as everything else we don't have room for anywhere else in the house.

These neat and tidy offices have really inspired me to get it together and make this room a space that we can use and be able to breathe in at the same time. Maybe even get my Etsy store up and running once and for all. Fingers crossed.


Lazy Monday

Alex returned from his Mexico getaway last night so we are taking the day off. It has been an extremely lazy day so far. We are going to watch last nights episode of True Blood in a bit and attempt to make this recipe tonight. Sometimes it feels so good to do nothing, especially with my favorite person.
Happy Monday!

image via



Kind of a hint as to what my weekend has entailed so far. Love this picture.
Happy Birthday Liam! You are so handsome, smart and charming! Much love.


This Weekend...

Alex is leaving for the weekend to go dj in Mexico. I hate when he leaves. Luckily I will be spending time with friends and hopefully getting in some pool time. Only if this dreary weather we are experiencing in San Diego bids us a farewell. Wishing for a sun filled weekend for all!

image via


Project 1

My friend and our wedding photographer Ben has had a project going on since January 1st of this year called Project 1. As he stated the project is himself, and the 1 symbolizes a year. He has challenged himself to do one photo shoot a day and to post one photo that he is proud of. I have enjoyed viewing his journey. Hopefully you will too. These are a few of my favorites he has taken up til now.
click on any photo to enlarge

Cute Overload

I know that I did a post recently on wallpaper but this is just about the cutest wallpaper I have ever seen. It is designed by Studio Violet for Studio Nommo. The print is so darling that I almost want to have a baby so I can have a little of this hanging up in our house. That might be going too far but I do love this stuff, lots.

picture via


Great Tees

I am really just a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I do love dresses at times and tend to incorporate heels in with most jean ensembles but I am always down for a good tee. The more worn in the better. So when I saw these babies over at Black Eiffel I wanted every single one. Stymie I heart you. For reals.


Balcony Progress

As I stated before, I have been trying to make our little balcony into a great outdoor living space for us. I have been wishing for the perfect bench but settled for an affordable one from Ikea. So far it's looking pretty good but I need to plant more flowers and plants before I do a complete reveal. Here are a couple pictures I took on my phone this weekend.

The Weekend Of Relaxation

It has been difficult getting back into the swing of things after having such a relaxing weekend. It was one of the best though. Since we have had so much going on for months on the weekends it was super nice to really just be with each other and chill. One of my favorite things to do, for sure! We stocked the fridge full of goodies and used a lot of of remaining CSA box contents to eat our little hearts out. 
I made this fresh and chunky salsa on Sunday morning. I had a sweet pepper beaver dam that I had to put to good use. I had never heard of one before but thought salsa would be the answer for that. I am not usually a recipe kind of girl so I just used vine ripe tomatoes, orange bell peppers, white and red onion, cilantro, lime juice, cumin, salt, pepper, and the "new to me" sweet pepper beaver dam. Pretty tasty and fresh. I think it would taste amazing over a grilled fish as well.
I forgot to mention that I chopped into a good part of my finger tip including my finger nail while preparing this fresh salsa. This was even before the few cervezas we consumed while swimming at the pool. I swear I should not have sharp objects in my possession, EVER. This is unfortunate due to the fact that I cut hair for a living. I did ok today so maybe the spell has been lifted.
We hadn't seen Melissa in two weeks so she came over and made vegetarian chili dogs and corn. We were able to watch fireworks from our balcony which made our lazy weekend even more perfect and we were so happy to see the "Vegenista" and her amazing dog Lucie Lu.