My Girls

Though I am feeling a bit under the weather today and for the past couple of days, I made it out to see Sex And The City 2 with my girlfriend Melissa. I will not give away any info for the ones who have not seen it yet but I will say that the clothes were crazy! And by crazy I mean I had to lean into Melissa a few times and say what the hell is that! There were also some definite hits that went well with the theme of this venture. I am happy to have spent an afternoon with "my girls" and my real life girl but happy to be horizontal now trying to get over what has come over me.

The rest of the weekend will be filled with friends and friends I consider family. I am styling hair tomorrow for a good friends daughter for her 16th bday. Alex and I will be attending the party as well so we will try to be on our best behavior so we don't embarrass her. I'm sure we will anyway. Hope you have a geat weekend filled with friends and family too! xo


Yes Please

If money grew on trees these lovely pieces would all be mine right now.
Amazing dresses by Christian Wijnants and glasses by Karen Walker.
They are tugging at my heart strings, as did this store when I lived in la la land.
They can be found online at Creatures of Comfort.


Selby Love

When I take Haiku on walks I always find myself looking in other peoples houses to see how they decorate and live. Not with my face up to the window of course, that would be creepy. From the sidewalk. So when I stumbled upon The Selby several months (Yes, I know that I am the last person to find about about this, which is usually the case) ago I was happy. Photographer Todd Selby takes photos of creative people in their personal spaces. Thank god for his website. Now I can just just peep from the comfort of my own home.


Sunday I made the trip up north for Ava's fifth birthday. It is crazy to think that she is already five, and almost more crazy that I have known her mom Darcie since we were her age. Got to love that red hair of hers! People pay good money to achieve that. It was super fun to see her with all her friends and see some of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile. 
This little boy was adorable! They are getting ready for the bubble show now. I think I want a bubble show at my next birthday. Kinda kidding. But not completely.
Faith was the life of the party! She was clapping and screaming with delight the whole time.
Darcie got in on the action too.
That smile pretty much says it all. The party was a huge success. I'm so happy that I was there.



Once again my favorite time of the week has come upon us! This weekend should be pretty cool. Saturday we plan to take the koo to the beach or somewhere outdoors far away from her usual digs. On Sunday I am taking off solo to attend our favorite 5 year olds bday. This should be a very princessy weekend if you know what I mean. Wishing you all (Mom and friends) a wonderful weekend! xo. Anna



I love her. I would love it if they opened a Topshop in California even more.

Bright Boards

In keeping with yesterdays post of bright and beautiful colors, today I came across a photo from a couple years ago. These are some boards Alex did as prototypes for Kookbox. I really think they are great! He is really good at what he does. I am hoping to visit him at work soon so I can take some pictures of his current work and post them here. 


Bright Color

I adore this home I found on Design Sponge. The colors are some of my favorite and make me happy just looking at them. A perfect inspiration on this very cloudy and partly rainy day.

I have seen this done before but I am really liking the colors and designs of all these plates together.
After the time I spent putting this little post together the sun started to come out! Positive thinking! Bright skies are coming my way. Thank god because we are going to a outdoor concert in the early evening to see Broken Bells.


All Kinds Of Awesome

Why, you ask? Because it's Friday! Today is also awesome because I worked out with my trainer which always makes me feel great (when it's over of course. during, not so much). The contractors are done with the garage repair from the pipe break we had, and tonight I am going to spend some time with my lovely lady friends. Tomorrow should be equally awesome because we get to celebrate with our friend Lee for his birthday. Have a awesome weekend too! xo

photo from here, via here 


Seeing Spots

I have always loved animal prints but I have my eye on them, especially right now. I heard someone say recently that they think they are like a neutral. I kinda agree. I think the print goes with most colors but really gives a simple color pallete the right amount of punch.

I just purchased this bag. Probably because it was one of the cheapest things on my spotted list but also because it is going to incorporate into my laid back wardrobe by adding a splash of print. I love it! I just hope it looks as good as it does in the photo. Fingers crossed.


So Dreamy

 I am really adoring the day-dreamy vibe of these photos. They are beautiful to me.
They are taken by Maleah Matthews
The best thing is that you can order any print in the month of May and receive
another print of equal or lesser value for free! I am so down with that offer.
The word free really resonates with me. Especially for something
so pretty.

Images from this wonderful etsy shop. Found via.


Day Tripper

Saturday we finally made the trip to Salvation Mountain. I have been wanting to go there for years so I could check it out. I'm really happy we went because it was pretty amazing to see it in person.
Upon arriving we were greeted by Leonard. He was so friendly and eager to show us around his masterpiece.
He brought us to the newer structure that is sort of a half dome with cave like areas that have very tall ceilings lined in brightly colored trees and windows. It was pretty jaw dropping to think he had constructed it himself.
We loved listening to him explain how he built it all. He was very proud of himself. I was proud of him too :)
I loved the bluebirds.
Then Leonard told us to follow the yellow brick road to the top of the mountain so he could show some other people around. He was quite the tour guide.
This is the truck that Leonard calls home.
We couldn't leave without getting a photo with the man himself. Thumbs up to Salvation Mountain!
Alex described this place perfectly. He said it was Yellow Submarine meets God. It totally was.
My pictures don't do this place justice. You must see it for yourself.