I'm headed to the east coast tomorrow to stay with a very dear friend for a week who just underwent a major surgery. Blogging has seemed so strange to me of late. Not that I ever post that frequently anyway, or about anything that important but maybe that is my point. So many things have happened in the past month that are occupying my mind and heart. In the world and personally. I'm signing off until the end of the month, or maybe longer. I'm off to take it all in, breathe some really crisp and cold air, hug my friend, laugh as much as possible and come out on the other side. That's the plan at least.

williamsburg bridge picture by one of my favorite photographers Ame Curtiss


Yes Please

Anything that has the comfort of a bathrobe and may (or may not) be acceptable to wear in public is something I'm totally down with. Love these two drapey cardigans from Ramona West Vintage, A LOT!


Gretchen Jones Fall/Winter 2011

Even though spring hasn't even sprung yet, I really like these looks from the fall/winter 2011 collection by Gretchen Jones. You remember her right? The winner of the last Project Runway. I have to say that I always preferred her designs on the show, they seem the most wearable to me. I especially like the top look here. Super comfortable and yet still pulled together. Comfort is definitely key for me.


Just Us..

acting silly on a saturday night! 


If You Don't Look Good, We Don't Look Good

I just got finished watching the documentary "Vidal Sassoon the Movie". Being a stylist and also a graduate of the Sassoon Academy I was really excited to see it and it didn't disappoint. I've always been fascinated by the man behind some of the most iconic hairstyles of all time so it was awesome to take a look back to the beginning and see how it all began. Watching this definitely made me realize that I love what I do for a living. Sometimes I need to be reminded though :). I was able to watch it at home on On Demand but it has been released in select cities as well. I highly suggest seeing it, it was so good.


Ankle Boots

I'm pretty much a creature of habit when it comes to getting dressed. Ankle boots are for sure one thing I almost always gravitate towards. Of course in the summer months I may interchange between a pair of sandals and boots, but always back to the trusty boots at night. I just feel most myself with a pair of boots on. I can't handle anything that looks too sweet usually, so I've had my eye on a couple of these boots and already have a pair in my closet. I practically live in the pair from ASOS, somehow they always make every outfit feel just right.

Our Weekend

This weekend seemed to fly by again. Probably because mine didn't really start until 6 pm on saturday night. I had to work that whole day so we decided to stay in on friday, cook a veggie meal (tomorrow marks six weeks with no meat for me!!) and catch up on Modern Family. We love that show and both think Gloria is such a funny character, with Phil tagging along in second place :) Does anyone else watch that show? On saturday evening we started the night out with a masked birthday party for my boss and great friend Richard, and finished the evening at another birthday party for our friend Luis. Fun times for sure... maybe too much actually :) Sunday we had a surprise visit from our friend Nima from LA so we decided to take him to what is becoming our sunday ritual and headed out to La Playita for ceviche, amazing soup, and of course a michelada. Somehow the salt and chile rimmed glass makes the beer taste even better. So damn good! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


Bag Love

I am in bag heaven right now. I've been looking for years for a black leather tote that is really simple and free of all the bedazzled crap that I think adorns so many. Stuff like this scares me. I know I'm just courting right now but I feel that I've met my bag soul mate. I think we should meet in person :) Oh, and to make it even better it's made from leather jacket scraps and lined in recycled cotton. Check out the shop and the other beauties.

Bright Bottoms

In an earlier post I talked about wanting to sport some brightly colored bottoms, and at under $40 a pop this slim version from Zara is perfect. I love them paired with the tomboy styling of the slouchy sweatshirt and the sexy heels. A perfect combo to me! Now if there were only a Zara near me, those red ones would be mine :)