When I saw these beauties I gasped out loud. Aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to be under one right now actually. It's quite chilly tonight. I guess my new love of quilts has been kicked into high gear now.

photos from the kim e-m shop via owl and peacock



After having the best several days in a row filled with friends, great food, a walk on the beach, and more food, I found out the best news tonight. Music to my ears actually. After almost two long years my court case has finally settled! If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read the old post here. Since I was in a somber mood that day disregard the gloom and raise a glass to new beginnings and happy endings! Cheers.

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Ready For The Holiday

Thanksgiving really has to be one of my favorite holidays. Not that we need an excuse to sit around all day and eat way too much since we do that often anyway but I love being with friends and family (we will miss you this year) and having a relaxing day together. Relaxing after all the food is cooked of course because before that I'm kinda a mess. Note to self : If I ever own my own home, I want  need two ovens. Or three :)

Have a happy holiday if you are in the U.S..If not, get down with your bad self and over indulge like we'll be doing. xo

photos by Maggie of the oh so beautiful blog Folkloric

Butternut Squash Citrus Dip w/ Arugula

I was looking for some appetizers for our thanksgiving feast yesterday and this one really caught my eye. Butternut squash, arugula, and citrus. Yes! It looks super easy and oh so good. I can't wait to make it. I'm sure I found it through links on my bestie Melissa's blog. If you haven't checked it out yet you should. She is always making the tastiest looking veggie meals and posts great recipes.

*fyi.. this dip turned out great. I'll be making it again for sure.


Sweater Dresses

It's finally pretty crisp here in good ol' sunny San Diego and I definitely have my eye on some knitwear to fight the chill. I like the idea of a sweater dress with some tights and ankle boots to still feel cute, warm and pulled together on any given day. Especially at work where I like to feel like I have it together, but still very comfortable.

Our Weekend

So here it is Tuesday and our week is really only getting started today. We had a fun weekend indulging and enjoying time with friends, starting with a champagne and cupcake party at Melissa's house. She is quite the good hostess. Always.


Some friends from LA came into town on saturday night so we decided to stay in, listen to music, and take advantage of the fact that we don't get to see too much of each other. So one of these came in handy on sunday when we went out for lunch. That thing is a beast, a meal in itself. If you are ever in San Diego, I suggest going to Small Bar. They have pretty great comfort food and tons of beer on tap and specialty drinks as well. My only complaint is how loud it is. Oh dear, I'm getting old. The fried pickles they have there might make up for it though. So good!

In true lazy style, yesterday we finished watching the second season of Bored To Death on HBO. I love that show. Everyone is really great but Ted Danson is seriously my favorite character. Amazing! I'm off to plan our Thanksgiving dinner side dishes. Happy Tuesday!


Friday Fave

Since today is my favorite day, I thought I would share one of my favorite ladies of all time, and one of my favorite songs. This one is tied for first place though. It makes me cry everytime. Happy weekend y'all!


My Cuts

Here are some pictures of the final product of Lindsey's haircut. She didn't want such a blunt front, and wanted longer bangs, with the request of a  little more texture around the face and a bit shorter in back than the inspiration photo. Less helmet like. It was super fun to cut her hair,considering it was past her shoulders to begin with. I love drastic changes as long as the person can handle them. Lindsey was a champ, and super happy afterwards.

Not tooting my own horn or anything but I loved the outcome and I am hoping to post more pics in the future. We will see though :)


I somehow missed these great photos of Maggie Gyllenhaal in Angeleno Magazine earlier this year. But... thanks to one of my favorite friend/clients Lindsey I got to take a peek at them. Lindsey sent them over to me for inspiration for a future haircut she was wanting to get. Even though it's a wig that Maggie is wearing, it was enough to go by. I have always thought that she is a gem, so these pictures solidify that to me. So.... cute!

photos by Nino Munoz


Thunder In Our Hearts

Is it possible to want and love a simple bag more? Kate Bush lyrics on a classic tote. Perfect.
Too bad it's sold out :(

Hello Again..

So, I'm back. I feel kinda silly saying this but I've missed having access to our computer and blogging. After looking through our very limited photos from San Francisco I realized that they are so random that there aren't really many to post. I wish I had some from Halloween but since I only brought my phone that night, which I later in the evening dropped in a sink full of water, have none to show. Here are a couple of pictures I do have which dictate part of our eating marathon.

This meal deserves it's own little post. What you see there is red velvet fried chicken! Yep, like the cupcake. Kinda strange at first but after a couple bites my friend Maribel and I were hooked. It was served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and a great cocoa infused coleslaw with thinly sliced green apples. Yum! American Cupcake had such a diverse menu that I have not seen at a cupcake shop. Savory items, cupcakes, and wine. You really can't go wrong with that combo in my eyes.  Another stop on our eating marathon was at Anchor & Hope. This meal was seriously AMAZING! I loved everything we ate there, and we ate a lot. We tried almost all the appetizers on the menu with a few entrees and everything was really delicious. If I lived in SF I would be a regular for sure.


Technical Problems

We've been back from San Francisco for exactly a week now. Even though we are back, we have had some computer problems. Since we are a one computer household we are out of luck for the time being. I'm not as smart as my iPhone so trying to upload pictures or a proper post will have to wait. I've definitely done my rounds of checking out things on the internet while squinting intensely at my phone for the past week. Still waiting for my "geek friend" to call me back from Best Buy and tell me we can pick our little baby up. No luck as of yet.

Hopefully I can post some pics from our trip soon, even though I didn't take many at all. We ate our little hearts out mainly. Super yummy and glutinous food. That's what vacations are for though right? It was a fun trip, which got a little crazy due to the fact that The Giants won the world series while we were there. Mass amounts of people everywhere. At least they were all happy!

Signing off now. Will be back soon. Fingers crossed. xoxo. Anna