Another month captured by my iphone. Gotta love that thing.

tissue pom pom making,  food trucks are my fave (that's me and Alex preparing to grub :)) , a stormy day, our house is turning into a surf shack,  El Camino, soyriso nacho night, valentines day, ceviche sunday at La Playita (the best ever!), the carnival is in town, our clean home, listening to records, at work again, me and my friend Tiffany on sunday funday, our sweet baby


I Almost Forgot..

Since we will be out of town through the weekend I wanted to give a shout out to my main lady, Haiku! Our sweet old baby is turning 15 on sunday. I know I have posted this picture before, back in the beginning of this blog but it still gets me every time I see it. What a trooper. To get her to even look at a camera face on is very difficult now. Maybe due to the fact that we dressed her up like a goofy hipster at one point in her life tainted her modeling mojo. We've never done it since, I swear. We had joked about celebrating her quinceanera with a ball gown, but of course it was just a joke. I'm just happy to be able to bring our little pup along this weekend, and even though she will have no idea whatsoever that is her big day, we get to spend it with her. Yes, I know that I sound like a crazy person but it's true :)

Happy Birthday Haiku!

It's Friday!

I've been feeling out of sorts this week, hence the no posting but this little gem could not go unposted. My friend Jason sent it to me this morning and it has already brightened my day. I love LCD Soundsytem, and who doesn't love The Muppets? We're off to Los Angeles in the morning to spend the weekend and go to one of Alex's dj gigs. My plan is to rock out Miss Piggy style like in the video at 3:09. Check it. I love her!

Have a fun weekend!


Lil' Frog

I couldn't resist posting this pic of my lunch date yesterday. The cutest little frog in her raincoat. Seriously adorable. xo


Rainy Days

The weather here has taken a turn and I couldn't be more happy. I love rain and everything it brings with it. I love the smell of the fresh and clean air and vibrancy of colors afterwards. Even though this outfit is not vibrant in any way, it is my idea of a perfect rainy day outfit. Pretty funny since I will probably be spending these rainy days inside in my comfy clothes watching movies, cooking, and spending time with our little family. Happy Weekend!

pants, jacket, blouse, umbrella, socks, boots, tote


Jill Stuart

These three looks from Jill Stuart for Fall 2011 really caught my eye. Such great color combinations. I didn't even think I was a fan of orange until I saw these. Love a surprise.

photos from style.com


A Love Thing

One of my favorite songs ever! I thought it was perfect for today. Happy V-day!


Can I Get A...

After having such a great last weekend, I should have known this week was going to kick my ass. Sheesh! I'm so happy it's over. Now on to my favorite part of the week. The end. So looking forward to no real plans, except for organizing our house. That is kind of a " Oh hell no" in my book but I'll be happy and relieved when it's all said and done and can enjoy the calm that comes with a clean and organized home. So... I'm off. Enjoy your weekend!

 Hell Yeah print found here


Tees Please

I'm loving the cut and print on these great oversized tees by Uzi found over at Totokaelo. So tempted to buy one. Right. Now.


For The Kitchen

I spotted these handmade cork jars over on Modish and I think they are just what my kitchen needs. I love them so. Even though I have been put on a little bowl buying ban from Alex since I always come home with at least one after a thrift outing, these seem to cute to pass up too.


Our Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend. Nothing beats days spent celebrating the birthdays of two amazing little ladies with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having here. Saturday we kicked off the festivities with Mila's first birthday. To make the day even better than it already was, we got to see her walk! On her own! Many, many steps! Last time I saw her, which was only a couple weeks ago she was still holding onto things so it was beyond a happy moment watching her set off on her own. On Sunday we spent the day in Balboa Park celebrating Lolli's second birthday. It was such a pretty day out and made so much better by watching how happy the birthday girl was. Lolli is one of those kids that makes even us reconsider not having any kids of our own. Such a smart and funny little one. To round out the weekend we got together with a few friends for a little adult time at a newish wine bar in our old neighborhood called The Rose Wine Pub. Great friends and wine with hilarious conversation equals a very successful end to a perfect weekend. Hope you had a great weekend too!


Friday Pretties

So pretty! I love everything in these photos. Everything.

photos: Emre Dorter  styling: Gozde Eker


Year Of The Rabbit

 Since today marked the start of Chinese New Year , celebrating the year of the rabbit, I only thought it was fitting to post a little bun on here. This bunny is seriously on my wish list. So cute!


Easy Breezy

I know it's only wednesday but my mind is already focused on the weekend. With two birthday parties to attend and the weather forecasting temperatures in the mid 70's both saturday and sunday, who could blame me. This would be the ideal outfit for our weekend frolicking. For me that is :)