Though I am definitely not a crafter, I am still inspired by people who are. That is why this cute project really caught my eye on Design Sponge. I think this cork board is a great alternative to the usual map or globe. Still love our old globe too by the way. As Halligan said in the DS post, she and her husband are desiring to travel this beautiful country of ours. We have the itch to do the same. I really want to go to Dollywood. Alex would oblige considering he knows what a crazy Dolly fan I am. More on that later :)



These cute sandals are from the Nine West Vintage America Collection. They are on sale too. Gotta love that. They used to be $69.00  now $39.99. Even better... there is an additional 30% off at checkout. Nice! I think I might be able to swing this one considering my black sandals are on the outs from constant wear.


Small Things

When I saw this small art collection I had a "Ah-ha moment" as Oprah would say. We have a little corner space just before entering our bedroom that has always seemed like wasted space to me until I spied this. As I have stated before, I am a lover of the little so this is such a great idea and so charming. Next on my list is to find cute white shelves. Should be easy since Ikea is right down the freeway from us. I will have to enlist the hubby to hang. I'm sure that will make him happy. Not really, but he is a team player.

Sunday Surprise

This weekend was basically filled with friends, barbecues, and cute babies. As well as a little work for me, and a lot of surfing for the man. Yesterday I was surpised at work by two of my best friends Sheri and Colleen and my newest bff baby Mila. Luckily I was just getting of work so I met them to hang out for a bit and get in a little photo session. Poor girl, there is always a camera in her little face. Can't help it though, look at her.
Isn't she adorable? So cute and so happy. Made me think of having one again.
What the hell is happening to me?


Historic Visions

Last night we attended an art show for our friend Ginger aka Historic Visions. It was nice to get out, support a friend and eat overpriced sliders and fries chased by a couple equally overpriced beverages. Oh downtown San Diego you are so fancy! Ginger has an etsy store where she sells some of her prints too. Check it out.
Tonight we are having a few friends over for Cuban food. Yums!
Have a great weekend!


CSA Member!

Melissa has been a fan of her CSA pickups from Suzie's Farm for a couple months and has finally convinced me to join too. The night before she left for Costa Rica she had Alex and I over for zucchini risotto and too much wine. The risotto was amazing but it wasn't until we were able to bring home her left over CSA box of zucchini that I was completely sold on joining. For din din the other night we ate salmon and simple sauteed zucchini. Seriously speaking here, it was the BEST we had ever eaten. So today I joined with a bi-weekly pickup trial. I am looking forward to being creative with the box contents. Maybe if things work out I will post some food pics of our CSA journey. Maybe being the key word since my photog skills are kinda totally lacking. They usually end of looking very undesirable. Wish us luck!

Bag It

You probably already know that I am always down for a bargain. I was searching online for "southwest, aztec purses" and came along Saddleblanket. I am kinda obsessed now. I just received two amazing bags that both cost me under $24.00. Here are the two that I bought.

They also have amazing jewelry and rugs that I have my eye on. I love acquiring things that I have been looking for and finding them for super cheap. It really makes the hunt that much more exciting!



How cute is this print by The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy that I spotted while on Modish?
With summer here, those words couldn't be more perfect for how I am feeling right now.
I am itching to hit the road with our family and go visit some beautiful people, places,
and things. Maybe get in a little thrifting along the way. Clothes for me, records for Alex!


Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I love you very much. xo


Random Pictures

I was scrolling through my phone photos earlier and realized that I have a bunch of random pics that I love. Since I have nothing better to do on this Friday night I thought I would share some of them with you.
These pictures were all taken while at the Deer Park Monastery close to our house.
Our weekends and a couple extra treats. Doesn't the koo look amazing?
I would probably say that every time but she does. So sweet. It's really a disguise though, She is all kinds of crazy. Seriously.
These cute and amazing kids are a reason I might consider having a child.
Might being a very loose word.

Friday And Photos

I am really happy that it is Friday and for the first time in weeks we don't have any plans. I am just looking forward to relaxing, getting some things done around the house, and hanging with our little family. Simply. Here are some pretty stunning pictures that I stumbled across today. I love the color! They are taken by Matthias Heiderich. These photos inspire me to take that photo class I have been putting off signing up for. You can check out more of his photos on his flickr.
There were so many amazing photographs. These are some of my favorites.
Have a lovely weekend! xo


Needy For Accessories

This bag has my name written all over it!
Once again Karen Walker knows exactly what I want.
I don't usually wear much jewelry but I would make this an exception.

All items found on Need Supply. One of the best and well edited online shops
in my opinion, and it's affordable. I got one of my favorite sweaters there months ago
and while I was cruising the mens section I came across a boy I was surprised to see
on there. Alex's cousin Danny models for them occasionally. Little did I know then but
it was a good surprise. Isn't he cute?


Woolly Pockets

When Alex and I were looking for our wedding location almost two years ago we stumbled upon the most amazing space called Marvimon. We were both enamored by the space for the industrial feel of the interior and the lush garden. Their was a huge wall all covered in plants. Even though we ended up not having our wedding there I could not get that place and the "living wall" out of my mind. In come Woolly Pockets from the owners of Marvimon.
They are for outdoor and indoor use since they have a built in moisture barrier. I would love to get some for my little balcony/patio redo. Since they are made from recycled materials, what a better way to make your greenery even greener!

photos from website



I'm loving this wallpaper designed by Amy Butler for Graham & Brown that I spotted on one of my favorite design blogs Decor8. The busy pattern is somehow manageable with the sleek and clean furniture.

Mumu Madness

These are a some pictures from the party yesterday. It was fun being greeted at the front door by my friend Sheri who looked like she was a fortune teller. Lots of color and fun friends! Oh yeah... and a peacock!
The hostess taking her peacock on a walk. I told you we get goofy!
No pictures of me because I decided a mumu is more like a nono on me.
Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely.


This Weekend

Tomorrow I am attending my friend Colleen's mumu party. She has themed parties a couple times a year. They are a reason for us ladies to get together and act goofy while consuming cocktails. I wish I had this mumu from designer Ossie Clark's spring/summer 2009 collection to sport at the festivities. A less sheer version preferably. I love the jacket too. Have a great weekend! xo

Miho Gastrotruck

When my friend Melissa mentioned to me last week that there was a new "gastrotruck" in San Diego I was beyond excited. When we lived in LA we were fans of all the food trucks they had there so I couldn't wait to try the Miho Gastrotruck. I logged onto their site and was thrilled to see that it was close to our neighborhood yesterday so Alex and I planned to meet for a lunch date.
It was hard to decide what to order because everything looked so yummy!
Some things were already sold out so it made the choice a bit easier.
Some guy asked if we wanted our picture taken while we
were waiting for our food. Can you see the hunger pains on our faces?
I got the spicy pork tacos with picked red onion and cilantro. I love anything
picked or spicy so these were a must try. Alex opted for the Bahn Mi with
lemongrass chicken. I had a bite of that and it was pretty tasty too! I can't
wait to hunt Miho down again and try some of their other options.
 It was super nice to meet up and have a little lunch on the grass with my man!