Recipe Love: Creamy Avocado Pasta

So relieved I finally got around to posting my last post, even though it even depresses me to read it. I obviously needed to write it for some reason and this next one is to show, at least to my mom who I know reads my blog that I am ok. Still eating, and eating well.

I have wanted to start posting recipes that I have tried, tested, and loved for awhile. Comfort food has been at an all time high in our house as of late so this dish from Oh She Glows was perfect considering we had everything needed on hand. This pasta rocks! Rocks! So hard! I have made it 3 times in the past couple weeks. Of course I went heavy on the garlic because we love it and may have done the same with the lemon zest at the end and it was so delicious. I am not a fan of cream sauces or maybe my stomach isn't so this was a perfect vegan recipe for anyone desiring a creamy base and tons of flavor.


Us Lately

As the year comes to an end and renewal and reflection seem to be the tone at this time, I can't help but feel at a loss. The hope and wish for change that comes with the passing or start of a new year has stopped me in my tracks.

Almost three months ago when we found out that our beloved little furry old lady has kidney failure we, or I more appropriately lost my shit. The pain in my heart that I know is inevitable is somehow not nourished in any way by the fact that she has lived a good life as so many people have said . It's too short. Way too short.

I got Haiku when I was first living on my own and learning who I wanted to become. I'm still learning, and somehow that person still hasn't or has ever imagined a life without her. She has seen me through my many bad choices, wild nights, and boyfriends that never suited us. Numerous jobs, travel, small stints living in new towns. She has road tripped and kept me semi grounded along the way.

Many years have passed and we have made our way together. She and I, only us, really. We finally met a forever dad for her and a wonderful husband for me that has been lucky to span ten years of her life with her. Somehow, it's not enough. Obviously I know that I must keep it together and hopefully I will, but grief, is one ugly fucking thing. I hope that for her at least, in the end, I can keep a bit of myself together. It really isn't about me now is it? With every thread in my being, I'm trying. So hard. For her.
photo: Ensworth Foto


Three Years

Happy Anniversary Alex!



I really should have titled this post " My friends have the cutest kids", because they really do. I know I've said this many, many times before but I love all the little friends we have in our life. It is the best getting to see the little aspects, and sometimes huge parts of their personalities come out. The weekend started off slow with a trip to one of our favorite ramen spots on saturday but ended in a last minute round up of cute kiddos galore at a local park with a few friends. I whipped up a tasty salad to bring with us that seemed to be a hit. Maybe I will post the recipe on here in the next week or so. I wouldn't actually call it a recipe since I just wing it most times but it was a cinch to prepare and turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

After a fun day in the park a few of us "grown ups" made our way down the street to the Blind Lady Ale House for a drink and some food. I love the option to veganize their pizza and I have to say Melissa ordered the best one, pesto pizza with pickled onions! Anything pickled is a hit in my book. So delicious!


Hi! Still here.

Hello again! Here is the proof that we still exist (on the internet at least). I even had a birthday recently to make that a reality. Last saturday was the day, and unlike my last birthday I had opted at the very last minute to ask my dear friend Melissa to make one of the drool worthy dishes she posts on her blog for me and seriously get down to the business of chilling out. My choice was an okra dish, my favorite!  A lot has been going on in our world and somehow being the center of attention felt strange to me this year.

The day after we headed out of town with the lil' furry one to Palm Springs for a few days. There is something about going there that really quiets me and allows me to fully relax. Staying at The Ace makes it way less of a stress since it's dog friendly as well. One thing this anxious mother appreciates. We were able to meet up with Ame and spend some time relaxing by the pool, drinking muddled beverages, listening to records that the man brought (can't get this one out of my head), eating at some of my favorite veggie places and exploring Joshua Tree for the first time. It seems strange that with how much I love going to the desert I had never ventured higher into that desert land. Needless to say I felt I was in a land before time and was overwhelmed by the park and got lost in how truly vast it is and how being there is a playground for the imagination. I'm hoping that our plans for the end of the year work out and we can go explore some more. With adequate shoes this time. Somehow this over packer forgot to bring anything other than open toed shoes.


A Summer Visit

Last week we had a visit from one of Alex's sisters Katie. It was a perfect excuse to abandon our daily routine and get out and soak up every last bit of this summer that we have been enjoying lately. We walked  the trails of the always gorgeous Torrey Pines, lounged on the beach with friends, had lunch at one of my favorite spots with a killer view, a dinner party with my girls, saw Beginners (loved it), made a trip to the desert to show Katie the amazing Salvation Mountain, and even hit up a water park! I forgot how much fun those damn water slides can be. A little water up the nose never hurt anyone. We are already planning another go of it asap. The beginnings of a tan have even crept up on this pale lady. Whoa! I'm not ready for this summer to be over. Not one bit.


Mexico Weekend Pt.2

On the last day of the trip we headed further down the coast to get our serious tourist on and check out La Bufadora, a large blowhole located right next to the cliffs of Punta Banda. A fairly short and windy walk down through all the street vendors yielded us with bags full of objects we never knew we needed until then. Surprisingly I managed to leave with only a belly full of street tacos and a colorful backpack. Quite shocking since the street vendors have their hustle on, big time!

I somehow felt sad leaving the little town, knowing that the end of our trip was coming to a close. I really feel most alive on our little journeys to small places and wonder if and when it could ever be possible to live a life so free. I have been taught to believe that reality is based somewhere between real life, and the luxury of doing exactly what you want to at any given moment, but I can't help think that there has to be a possibility to live this freely always. Or, maybe I'm still younger and more naive than I believe I am. Either way, It was a really memorable getaway that I will cherish.


Mexico Weekend Pt.1

Last weekend we made our way down the coast past Ensenada to a small beach town close to Punta Banda. Getting there was a little difficult when you are relying on directions that tell you to make turns at the dirt road (loads of them), or Pemex gas station (they are on every corner). Things got a little hairy but once we arrived and saw our rented beach house we forgot all about the little detour there that landed us on a tiny dirt road off the beaten path that we named "Chihuahua Alley". The house was to die for. Balconies surrounding the house on every floor with a roof top deck that had an amazing view of the ocean and was perfect for viewing the lush amount of stars on display.

We spent hours lounging on the fine sandy beach, riding horses!!, watching our daredevil friend fly high in the sky, and laughing until our faces hurt. Dinners of tamales from local street vendors and much cerveza that ended in dance parties and nights spent taking the view and ocean air in. It was heaven.


Austin, Texas

The day after the wedding we headed back to Austin to spend the last few days of our trip there. Man, I love that city! So much. It's right up my alley. I always knew I would without even visiting before but was really thrilled that it was almost as I had imagined. One night while having drinks Alex said that he was just as taken with the city and that he could live there too, if there was a ocean. Huh? Well.... since that is never going to happen we will just have to come back and visit as soon as possible. So.. here are some highlights from the rest of the trip, which included lots of eating. Five pound weight gain to be exact :)

Veggie brat at Wurst Tex was amazing. One of the best I have ever had! The saurkraut was pretty
great and the curry ketchup for the fries was so good. 

More food truckin' on E. 6th ave. Had some yummy tacos but was a little sad that the Vegan Yacht (on the same lot) wasn't open. The menu looked so good!

Drinks at the Hotel San Jose. I wish we could have stayed here because it's a beauty. Having drinks on the patio was a treat. Sipping white wine sangria and a michelada for the man was so relaxing.

Night time walks around town were lovely because the heat had settled a bit and we could sit outside. We went to Perla's. The oysters were a hit but so was their ceviche and scallop pozole verde. Such delish seafood.

On a recommendation from a guest at the wedding who was a Austin local we tried the food truck East Side King behind The Liberty which is a dive bar. This might have been my favorite meal on the trip. I had the Veggie Meshi which was out of this world tasty. We also shared deep fried roasted beets with some amazing aioli. Yes, as amazing as it sounds! We came here twice on the trip, it was that good. They also have another truck about a block away with a different menu that we tried and liked too. We were on a food truck roll for sure.

Hitting up Krause Springs outside of Austin is something I have wanted to do since I saw some pictures of the watering hole a few years ago. It was really pretty and the most ideal escape from the summer heat. I wish we brought tubes or rafts though. It was still refreshing to swim and try my first pickle brine flavored shaved ice. Being a major pickle lover I was shocked that, well, I wasn't such a fan of this.

We were fixed up on a "blind date" with a friend of a friend who lives in Austin so it was a way to see the city through the eyes of a local and meet a new friend. He took us to a lot of different bars around town and the boys had many shots along the way. I wonder if the blind date jitters got to them and they overdid it a bit :) Yes, I think so.

The last picture sums the whole trip up!