A New Lightness Of Being

I have been really appreciating our little family lately. With recent events I found myself lost and sad as hell. It's strange how a a simple conversation or interaction with someone will snap you back into the you that you know. The words weren't profound in anyway but my dad said a simple thing that whipped me back to reality. The first day of the new year he said, " What if Haiku lives for another six months, a year?" For some reason that thought had never occurred to me. Strange but true. It was like I was living under a grief blanket that never seemed to warm or console me in any way. I now realize that my premature grief hasn't been doing any of us any good. I am back and ready to live what remaining days we have to the fullest which feels refreshing and so clear finally. This little pup is not going down without a fight. She loves us which is extremely clear and wants to be around, which makes me want to give her the best me in whatever time we have left together.

Also, that guy up there really meant it when he vowed for better or for worse. That kind of sincerity really makes me want to be better. Do better. For us. Love really is all around.

Now back to regular programming.

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