Recipe Love: Mushroom Casserole

I really love mushrooms, so much so that when I'm dining out I always try to find dishes that incorporate them. Almost always. So while looking through old posts of deliciousness on 101 Cookbooks, I found this recipe that has fast become a staple of satisfaction in our house.

The recipe is simple which is the first thing that got me. It also has great flavor and as Heidi stated, it is really something that you can transform into other flavor combinations really easily. If you stick to the bare bones of the recipe, you can interchange all the ingredients to suit your mood. I have made a mexican version by simply using black beans, fresh corn, red onions, mexican cheese, and a garnish of cilantro. It is also such a transitional dish that it is great for breakfast, sort of like a quiche. Alex always eats the leftovers with a fried egg in the morning because that man without eggs is a sad, sad man.

photo: 101 cookbooks

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  1. How things have changed. When you were little you would look skeptically at mushrooms, as in, you want me to eat that?! Now, mushrooms admittedly are not the most attractive food, and it's best not to dwell on how they're grown. Pickles have never been an issue. Your taste buds have grown up.