A Visit With Friends

Sometimes all you need is good old fashioned girl time (and you too Axel) to put you back in place. Last weekend I flew with a great friend and one of the most amazing toddler travel partners of all time to San Jose to visit friends who are expecting a little one of their own in less than four weeks!! I have to say that the speed of someone being so pregnant was exactly the speed I was willing to embrace right now. It was perfect to relax and spend time with friends I consider family. So many years and experiences under our belts and we are still in each others lives. None of it was lost on me, the whole trip I kept thinking how grateful I am for these beautiful women in my life.

Early mornings spent by myself in their comforting home, a walk by the beach of Half Moon Bay, way too much tasty food, and evenings spent catching up and reliving our almost 20 years as friends. It was time well spent.


  1. Great photos. That food looks yummy. What/where was it?

  2. Thanks Meliss. It was yummy food but not vegetarian by any means. Yvonne and Axel made German food. So good, and reminding me of my family and Danish X-mas dinner. Maybe we should make a veggie version soon

  3. It was such a great time! Good 'ol quality time, some laughs and amazing company! Thanks for coming to visit. Can't wait to see you again! Love you!!!!!!