Mexico Weekend Pt.2

On the last day of the trip we headed further down the coast to get our serious tourist on and check out La Bufadora, a large blowhole located right next to the cliffs of Punta Banda. A fairly short and windy walk down through all the street vendors yielded us with bags full of objects we never knew we needed until then. Surprisingly I managed to leave with only a belly full of street tacos and a colorful backpack. Quite shocking since the street vendors have their hustle on, big time!

I somehow felt sad leaving the little town, knowing that the end of our trip was coming to a close. I really feel most alive on our little journeys to small places and wonder if and when it could ever be possible to live a life so free. I have been taught to believe that reality is based somewhere between real life, and the luxury of doing exactly what you want to at any given moment, but I can't help think that there has to be a possibility to live this freely always. Or, maybe I'm still younger and more naive than I believe I am. Either way, It was a really memorable getaway that I will cherish.

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  1. well said, Anna. We, too, will always cherish this trip...Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! We will have many more to share together. You are a soul sister to me always...