Austin, Texas

The day after the wedding we headed back to Austin to spend the last few days of our trip there. Man, I love that city! So much. It's right up my alley. I always knew I would without even visiting before but was really thrilled that it was almost as I had imagined. One night while having drinks Alex said that he was just as taken with the city and that he could live there too, if there was a ocean. Huh? Well.... since that is never going to happen we will just have to come back and visit as soon as possible. So.. here are some highlights from the rest of the trip, which included lots of eating. Five pound weight gain to be exact :)

Veggie brat at Wurst Tex was amazing. One of the best I have ever had! The saurkraut was pretty
great and the curry ketchup for the fries was so good. 

More food truckin' on E. 6th ave. Had some yummy tacos but was a little sad that the Vegan Yacht (on the same lot) wasn't open. The menu looked so good!

Drinks at the Hotel San Jose. I wish we could have stayed here because it's a beauty. Having drinks on the patio was a treat. Sipping white wine sangria and a michelada for the man was so relaxing.

Night time walks around town were lovely because the heat had settled a bit and we could sit outside. We went to Perla's. The oysters were a hit but so was their ceviche and scallop pozole verde. Such delish seafood.

On a recommendation from a guest at the wedding who was a Austin local we tried the food truck East Side King behind The Liberty which is a dive bar. This might have been my favorite meal on the trip. I had the Veggie Meshi which was out of this world tasty. We also shared deep fried roasted beets with some amazing aioli. Yes, as amazing as it sounds! We came here twice on the trip, it was that good. They also have another truck about a block away with a different menu that we tried and liked too. We were on a food truck roll for sure.

Hitting up Krause Springs outside of Austin is something I have wanted to do since I saw some pictures of the watering hole a few years ago. It was really pretty and the most ideal escape from the summer heat. I wish we brought tubes or rafts though. It was still refreshing to swim and try my first pickle brine flavored shaved ice. Being a major pickle lover I was shocked that, well, I wasn't such a fan of this.

We were fixed up on a "blind date" with a friend of a friend who lives in Austin so it was a way to see the city through the eyes of a local and meet a new friend. He took us to a lot of different bars around town and the boys had many shots along the way. I wonder if the blind date jitters got to them and they overdid it a bit :) Yes, I think so.

The last picture sums the whole trip up!


  1. Ummm..."pickle brine flavored shaved ice"??? Yes, please! Looks like such a great place! Anytime you wanna go back for a visit, I'm game! Great photos!

  2. As the slogan (and entreaty) goes: KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD! I'm glad you enjoyed the best city in Texas.