Hi! Still here.

Hello again! Here is the proof that we still exist (on the internet at least). I even had a birthday recently to make that a reality. Last saturday was the day, and unlike my last birthday I had opted at the very last minute to ask my dear friend Melissa to make one of the drool worthy dishes she posts on her blog for me and seriously get down to the business of chilling out. My choice was an okra dish, my favorite!  A lot has been going on in our world and somehow being the center of attention felt strange to me this year.

The day after we headed out of town with the lil' furry one to Palm Springs for a few days. There is something about going there that really quiets me and allows me to fully relax. Staying at The Ace makes it way less of a stress since it's dog friendly as well. One thing this anxious mother appreciates. We were able to meet up with Ame and spend some time relaxing by the pool, drinking muddled beverages, listening to records that the man brought (can't get this one out of my head), eating at some of my favorite veggie places and exploring Joshua Tree for the first time. It seems strange that with how much I love going to the desert I had never ventured higher into that desert land. Needless to say I felt I was in a land before time and was overwhelmed by the park and got lost in how truly vast it is and how being there is a playground for the imagination. I'm hoping that our plans for the end of the year work out and we can go explore some more. With adequate shoes this time. Somehow this over packer forgot to bring anything other than open toed shoes.

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  1. love the ace, love the desert, love j-tree... so jealous you were just there... makes me want to go like NOW! :)