Technical Problems

We've been back from San Francisco for exactly a week now. Even though we are back, we have had some computer problems. Since we are a one computer household we are out of luck for the time being. I'm not as smart as my iPhone so trying to upload pictures or a proper post will have to wait. I've definitely done my rounds of checking out things on the internet while squinting intensely at my phone for the past week. Still waiting for my "geek friend" to call me back from Best Buy and tell me we can pick our little baby up. No luck as of yet.

Hopefully I can post some pics from our trip soon, even though I didn't take many at all. We ate our little hearts out mainly. Super yummy and glutinous food. That's what vacations are for though right? It was a fun trip, which got a little crazy due to the fact that The Giants won the world series while we were there. Mass amounts of people everywhere. At least they were all happy!

Signing off now. Will be back soon. Fingers crossed. xoxo. Anna

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