My Cuts

Here are some pictures of the final product of Lindsey's haircut. She didn't want such a blunt front, and wanted longer bangs, with the request of a  little more texture around the face and a bit shorter in back than the inspiration photo. Less helmet like. It was super fun to cut her hair,considering it was past her shoulders to begin with. I love drastic changes as long as the person can handle them. Lindsey was a champ, and super happy afterwards.

Not tooting my own horn or anything but I loved the outcome and I am hoping to post more pics in the future. We will see though :)

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  1. I loved Emma's pixie too Mara. It was so cute on her. I have had my hair that short before but don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon :) You have beautiful hair. I probably wouldn't cut it either if I was you. Well, at least not that short. Somewhere in the middle maybe?