Our Weekend

So here it is Tuesday and our week is really only getting started today. We had a fun weekend indulging and enjoying time with friends, starting with a champagne and cupcake party at Melissa's house. She is quite the good hostess. Always.


Some friends from LA came into town on saturday night so we decided to stay in, listen to music, and take advantage of the fact that we don't get to see too much of each other. So one of these came in handy on sunday when we went out for lunch. That thing is a beast, a meal in itself. If you are ever in San Diego, I suggest going to Small Bar. They have pretty great comfort food and tons of beer on tap and specialty drinks as well. My only complaint is how loud it is. Oh dear, I'm getting old. The fried pickles they have there might make up for it though. So good!

In true lazy style, yesterday we finished watching the second season of Bored To Death on HBO. I love that show. Everyone is really great but Ted Danson is seriously my favorite character. Amazing! I'm off to plan our Thanksgiving dinner side dishes. Happy Tuesday!

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