Hello Again..

So, I'm back. I feel kinda silly saying this but I've missed having access to our computer and blogging. After looking through our very limited photos from San Francisco I realized that they are so random that there aren't really many to post. I wish I had some from Halloween but since I only brought my phone that night, which I later in the evening dropped in a sink full of water, have none to show. Here are a couple of pictures I do have which dictate part of our eating marathon.

This meal deserves it's own little post. What you see there is red velvet fried chicken! Yep, like the cupcake. Kinda strange at first but after a couple bites my friend Maribel and I were hooked. It was served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and a great cocoa infused coleslaw with thinly sliced green apples. Yum! American Cupcake had such a diverse menu that I have not seen at a cupcake shop. Savory items, cupcakes, and wine. You really can't go wrong with that combo in my eyes.  Another stop on our eating marathon was at Anchor & Hope. This meal was seriously AMAZING! I loved everything we ate there, and we ate a lot. We tried almost all the appetizers on the menu with a few entrees and everything was really delicious. If I lived in SF I would be a regular for sure.

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