Miho Gastrotruck

When my friend Melissa mentioned to me last week that there was a new "gastrotruck" in San Diego I was beyond excited. When we lived in LA we were fans of all the food trucks they had there so I couldn't wait to try the Miho Gastrotruck. I logged onto their site and was thrilled to see that it was close to our neighborhood yesterday so Alex and I planned to meet for a lunch date.
It was hard to decide what to order because everything looked so yummy!
Some things were already sold out so it made the choice a bit easier.
Some guy asked if we wanted our picture taken while we
were waiting for our food. Can you see the hunger pains on our faces?
I got the spicy pork tacos with picked red onion and cilantro. I love anything
picked or spicy so these were a must try. Alex opted for the Bahn Mi with
lemongrass chicken. I had a bite of that and it was pretty tasty too! I can't
wait to hunt Miho down again and try some of their other options.
 It was super nice to meet up and have a little lunch on the grass with my man!

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  1. Nice photos & great shot of you & wolfman. I love those sandals!