CSA Member!

Melissa has been a fan of her CSA pickups from Suzie's Farm for a couple months and has finally convinced me to join too. The night before she left for Costa Rica she had Alex and I over for zucchini risotto and too much wine. The risotto was amazing but it wasn't until we were able to bring home her left over CSA box of zucchini that I was completely sold on joining. For din din the other night we ate salmon and simple sauteed zucchini. Seriously speaking here, it was the BEST we had ever eaten. So today I joined with a bi-weekly pickup trial. I am looking forward to being creative with the box contents. Maybe if things work out I will post some food pics of our CSA journey. Maybe being the key word since my photog skills are kinda totally lacking. They usually end of looking very undesirable. Wish us luck!


  1. You will love it! Yay! We can swap recipes!

  2. Good for Melissa on persuading you to sign up to a CSA box.

    I for one would be interested to read about your CSA journey as well as seeing what you get. Just for the seasonal colours if nothing else.