Matryoshka Dolls

These digital illustration prints by Amy Perrotti would be so cute for a little girls room, or maybe this big girl!  Check out her shop.


  1. Thank you for featuring my Matryoshkas on your groovy blog!
    Did you see my Easter Little Red Riding hood illustration? It has a Bunny and a Wolf! http://www.etsy.com/listing/42248121/little-red-riding-hood-easter-print :)

  2. Hi Amy. You probably won't read this but I tried looking for your email on your blog but couldn't find it. I love all your artwork and was so happy to find a comment from you this morning. So cool! I will be making a purchase from your shop soon. Thanks for stop by my little blog :)
    xoxo Anna

  3. Stopping :) I just got too excited! Oh and I love the Little Red Riding Hood with the bunny and wolf. Super cute!

  4. Thank you. Of course I would stop back by! If ever you want to contact me you can contact me through my shop here:

  5. My niece collects these dolls (since she was 5)!! She adores them! Thanks for sharing!