Surfer Boy

 I have spent the past few days dealing with a major pipe break in our house. Time has mainly been spent with plumbers, contractors, and restoration workers. Damn, I should have been a plumber because those guys make bank. So, while I have had to be at home I have been scanning the internet (like always) for cool things I like.

Alex and I are having our 8 year anniversary on May 7th. It isn't our wedding anniversary since that isn't until October so we have decided to celebrate twice a year. The date of when we started dating and our wedding date. I have been thinking of a cool thing to get him and I found these prints today. They are a lot him and quite a good dose of me in the coloring and style. I think I just might have to order one, two, or three.
images found via surf painter

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  1. I love these prints Bun! Definitely reminds me of you & the wolf! Happy Almost Anniversary! XO