Our Makers

Alex and I were born the same year so it looks as if these pictures were taken around the same time. This is where it all started. We are both so incredibly lucky to have awesome and very caring parents. We both could not ask for more. Alex's overalls kill me everytime I see them. So adorable, seriously. What a babe, or bay bay!

I love the early 70's Miami vibe of the photo of Alex. His mom is a beauty, young or a bit older. At our wedding our photographer kept saying how pretty she was, and she is. His dad is just cool. Simply.

I love to look at my parents when they were younger. My mom was a fox. She will not believe me when I say that but to me she always has been. Such a cool woman and soo smart. My dad could of used a haircut at the time of the photo, but that is the hairdresser in me talking. He has a very funny personality and is always polished and looking good. I love them both!

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