Hair Envy

I have always had hair envy of others. Maybe that is why I became a hair stylist. I get to sink my teeth (or hands) into other peoples hair and design and perfect what I have always wanted to be upon my own head. I am happy that I have hair, don't get me wrong. While I was looking for haircut and style inspirations, I fell
upon these. I really don't and cannot have such long hair but really love these depictions of just that. Such
amazing illustrations that if I ever own a salon of my own I would be more than honored to have him do
a wall in my salon. One can only keep dreaming right? The artist is Jonathan Reid Sevigny. I love his work.

These are pretty amazing in my opinion. You can
check them out on his very own blog.
By the way, internet, I love you.
Thanks for helping me
to find these! xo

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  1. Sorry guys, still trying to get used to all the format of posting. That was kinda rough. I am my own worst critic though. Trying to get over that too! xo Bun Bun