My Main Danes

If you are one of my closest friends you already know my love of The Raveonettes. Ever since a classmate of mine played them during my time at the Vidal Sassoon Academy I have been hooked. I have seen them numerous times and always think they are amazing. They hail from Denmark but I don't believe either of them live there anymore. I try not to think I am biased and like them only because I am half Danish as well. I believe that has nothing to do with it now. I just simply LOVE them.

 I think it doesn't hurt that the front woman Sharin Foo is amazing to look at. She has a very shy demeanor, even on stage but has that thing where you cannot take your eyes off of her. I think that is a pretty good quality to have if you are a rockstar.

This leads me to what I intended to post from the beginning about Mette Lindberg. She sings for the band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and they are also from Denmark. I have not seen them play live but I love their songs and videos I have seen. Here are a couple pics of her in action and her adorable style.
And last but never ever least, The Raveonettes
Sharin and Sune

photos from google images

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