Texas Wedding Weekend: Part One

We were so happy to land in Austin while the sun was still shining and get a glimpse of the city before heading out to the wedding location in Wimberley. Aside from the intense heat that took a little while to get used to (who am I kidding, I never got used to it) we made our way blindly to South Congress and stopped at one of the many food trucks to seriously chow down and get our first taste of Austin. After that we bought a cooler, some beverages, and snacks and made our way out to our b&b in the hills.

We finally arrived at the Southwind gates a couple hours before sundown and lets just say that gps was of little help finding our country inn. It was literally a scene from a bad comedy movie trying to navigate our way with many u turns being made and what-the-hells being said. Once we did it was a relief but still an adventure. Southwind consists of three or four cabins and a main guest house with three rooms on 25 acres of hilly countryside and a vast amount of trees, and we loved every minute of it, except for the tons of bug bites I received during our stay there. They seriously love me. We had dinner "in town" at an amazing restaurant called The Leaning Pear, where Alex had his first Shiner Bock (his new fave beer) and we both ate the most delicious and creative food. I was a little shocked but the food was better than some of the food we had in the city. Nights were spent rocking on the chairs on our deck having drinks and talking about future plans, meeting other wedding guests that became fast friends, with mornings spent with the staff of the inn who fed us breakfast and told us hysterical stories and had hearts of gold. We even saw a fox. Her name was Miss Foxy. Apparently she is a regular guest.

The last picture is of the morning of the wedding as everyone prepped, it was an army of love pulling this event together and you could feel it at every moment. Can't wait to share the photos. It was a really magical and hot day. You will probably hear me mention that a few more times :) Very hot! 


  1. Great post, Bun! Love your writing! Great photos too! :)

  2. Thanks Mella, I always feel like such a dud while trying to explain my wonderful experiences. Thanks. xo