Helping A Friend

Months ago I mentioned my trip to NY to help a very close friend through a very tough situation. She is doing well now and some how managed to gain her MFA while still trying to hurdle some obstacles. This past weekend our friends had an art auction in her honor selling her amazing photography as well as many other great artists work. We had a impressive turnout and couldn't be happier for all the love that was spread her way.

The board in the first picture was glassed by my ever so talented husband. That board is a serious beauty, wood fins and all!!! In all the years I have known Alex, I have never seen a board so perfect. It really shows that when you have your heart in something for such a great cause, magic happens. We will be auctioning off the board at another event to donate proceeds to Ame. A beautiful board for a beautiful lady.

photos: lee reynolds

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  1. Thanks Bun and Wolf, this is so awesome...Sorry it took me so long to look. You guys are amazing.