I'm headed to the east coast tomorrow to stay with a very dear friend for a week who just underwent a major surgery. Blogging has seemed so strange to me of late. Not that I ever post that frequently anyway, or about anything that important but maybe that is my point. So many things have happened in the past month that are occupying my mind and heart. In the world and personally. I'm signing off until the end of the month, or maybe longer. I'm off to take it all in, breathe some really crisp and cold air, hug my friend, laugh as much as possible and come out on the other side. That's the plan at least.

williamsburg bridge picture by one of my favorite photographers Ame Curtiss

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  1. I like how the brilliant lights (and the reflections in the river) of the left half of the photo balance the mass of the buildings on the right-hand portion of the photo. Wonderful photo!