Our Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend. Nothing beats days spent celebrating the birthdays of two amazing little ladies with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having here. Saturday we kicked off the festivities with Mila's first birthday. To make the day even better than it already was, we got to see her walk! On her own! Many, many steps! Last time I saw her, which was only a couple weeks ago she was still holding onto things so it was beyond a happy moment watching her set off on her own. On Sunday we spent the day in Balboa Park celebrating Lolli's second birthday. It was such a pretty day out and made so much better by watching how happy the birthday girl was. Lolli is one of those kids that makes even us reconsider not having any kids of our own. Such a smart and funny little one. To round out the weekend we got together with a few friends for a little adult time at a newish wine bar in our old neighborhood called The Rose Wine Pub. Great friends and wine with hilarious conversation equals a very successful end to a perfect weekend. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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