I Almost Forgot..

Since we will be out of town through the weekend I wanted to give a shout out to my main lady, Haiku! Our sweet old baby is turning 15 on sunday. I know I have posted this picture before, back in the beginning of this blog but it still gets me every time I see it. What a trooper. To get her to even look at a camera face on is very difficult now. Maybe due to the fact that we dressed her up like a goofy hipster at one point in her life tainted her modeling mojo. We've never done it since, I swear. We had joked about celebrating her quinceanera with a ball gown, but of course it was just a joke. I'm just happy to be able to bring our little pup along this weekend, and even though she will have no idea whatsoever that is her big day, we get to spend it with her. Yes, I know that I sound like a crazy person but it's true :)

Happy Birthday Haiku!

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