Photos from the month that seemed to fly by. Courtesy of my iPhone. I'm looking forward to the month ahead though. Lots of fun things going on!!

Starting the year off right with a bloody mary at the Ace, my bestie and the hubby, breakfast in Palm Springs, on the road again, a day in the park with koo and friends, a walk around the lake, surprise visit from my friend Yvonne brings the ladies out to lunch, getting ready for a rare night out, pho at our favorite local spot, the enlightened one, a delicious breakfast of chilaquiles made by the man of the house, a visit with friends on their patio that I love, a view from our balcony at home

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and was excited to see a link to me! Thanks! Conor and I stayed at the ACE on our honeymoon... love that place. These photos are awesome!