In With The New

I have been thinking a lot about new year resolutions and to be honest, I'm not really a fan. Probably because I usually fail at them. I think this year I'm going to think in terms of goals that I want to reach or start for that matter. Here we go...

1.  Sign up for a photography class
2.  Take more road trips
3.  Get the ball rolling on my online vintage store. At least my hoarding would seem less creepy if I did.
4.  Make plans to visit both of our families on their turf
5.  Save money. Duh. Kind of a given
6.  Join our local CSA again and continue experimenting and cooking more
7.  Write and actually send more handwritten letters to my beloved friends and family
8.  Travel out of the country with Alex. Thailand is at the top of my list
9.  Commit to a regular yoga routine
10. Look into volunteering my haircutting/ color services to an organization like Dress for Success
      or organize something through my salon where we donate proceeds to a good cause
11. Buy a Afoot and Afield in San Diego County and put our hiking shoes on
12. Stop procrastinating. It only took me two days to actually complete this post, so that's not too bad :)

photo: Carl Kleiner

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! I did a list for places I want to venture out locally in CA. I don't do well with new year resolutions either. So, far my list started off as planned.
    It's great to see the mind set of another individual brace that their goals! ;)