The weather today was a lovely 78 degrees and should remain warm and beautiful all weekend long. My friend Sheri and I decided to kick off the weekend with a walk around the lake (with our two babies in tow) that is only blocks from our house. It's days like this that remind me of how lucky we are to be living in San Diego. We really do have it pretty damn good here. Happy weekend all!


  1. It was so nice out! Haiku is so adorable. : ) -Jon Doss

  2. is that lake murray?! crazy... i live right by there too! we were just there last weekend for some dog walking time too:)

  3. Julia, No it's Lake Miramar. We live in Scripps Ranch area. I sort of wish I lived by Lake Murray instead. Most of my girlfriends live out that way. I'm just hoping to make it back down south(only 15 minutes away but still) or into sd proper once again. Not sure if I'm cut out for the burbs. Actually I know that I'm not :)