Our Weekend

This weekend seemed to fly by again. Probably because mine didn't really start until 6 pm on saturday night. I had to work that whole day so we decided to stay in on friday, cook a veggie meal (tomorrow marks six weeks with no meat for me!!) and catch up on Modern Family. We love that show and both think Gloria is such a funny character, with Phil tagging along in second place :) Does anyone else watch that show? On saturday evening we started the night out with a masked birthday party for my boss and great friend Richard, and finished the evening at another birthday party for our friend Luis. Fun times for sure... maybe too much actually :) Sunday we had a surprise visit from our friend Nima from LA so we decided to take him to what is becoming our sunday ritual and headed out to La Playita for ceviche, amazing soup, and of course a michelada. Somehow the salt and chile rimmed glass makes the beer taste even better. So damn good! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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