Friday, Again.

This week really flew by. I can't believe it's already friday again! The weather here has been rainy which makes me want to stay in and get cozy. I have been cooking a lot this week which has been really fun. I nearly killed Alex with a extra spicy red curry the other night. He graciously ate it until he couldn't take the heat anymore. So sweet. I'm hoping to convince him to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I haven't actually carved a pumpkin in many years so it should be fun and very messy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. When you were a little girl, age 3 to 5, we used to drive out to the Pumpkin Patch in Santa Rosa Valley. You would view all the pumpkins and invariably pick the smallest pumpkin, irregardless of equal prices for larger ones. I was never sure whether you selected the small ones because they were proportional to your size or you were solicitous of the baby pumpkins...or both reasons. I see by your blog photo that you remain partial to little pumpkins!