Suit Up

The summer here is almost over but I unlike most socal residents feel that it will hit us late when we least expect it. I am also going to hit the desert heat it a couple weeks and wanted a swimsuit to fit my style.
To be quite honest I don't know if there is even a swimsuit to suit my needs but this is the best bet. After reading hundreds of reviews on Modcloth, and many of them addressing my body issues, I made the purchase. I am going to cross my fingers and hope the delivery bears fruit. Not too much of course because nature has already taken care of that. Will let you know the results.

*update: My fears of being the only gal (out of hundreds that reviewed this suit) that this suit wouldn't fit have come to an end. I received the suit this morning and it fits like a glove. Seriously amazing. It has support in all the right places. Even the hubby loved it! I am so relieved! Now I want one in every color :)

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  1. I love this swimsuit! I have been eyeing a retro one-piece for awhile...