We got back yesterday afternoon from Palm Springs, and I must say that it was a blast. We had a nice and relaxing time lounging by and in the pool, consuming loads of cocktails, and eating some really great food. We went to a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the area of course since I was traveling with the "Vegenista" and they were tasty. Check out more of the eating marathon in pictures on her blog.
We stayed at the Ace Hotel and loved it! I didn't take many pictures though sadly. This is probably due to the fact that we were in swimsuits mostly which adds to my camera shyness. These will have to do.
Now it's back to reality and work. Sigh.


  1. please let us know the name of the restaurants you tried out there!

  2. We ate at Native Foods and Palm Greens Cafe for vege meals and a couple times at the restaurant at the Ace. All great meals. I would have to say that Palm Greens was probably my fave though.