I'm Getting Deep

I stumbled across these questions today and they got me thinking a lot. Maybe it's all the benadryl I'm on right now that is making me sappy but check out the questions and tell me what you think.

Oh... Have a great weekend! By the way, I'm not going to the desert this weekend. Sadface. Had to reschedule. At least I will be home living and loving with our little family though.

print via. We have one framed on our credenza. Love it.


  1. The first thing that strikes me is the American preoccupation with forming lists. Secondly, there is a temptation to mouth the maxims and not actually exert the effort to make changes. I speak from experience! Changes require work and sometimes a degree of courage; always a clear vision of the destination, and the flexibility to alter the plan when needed. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiam. I'm someone who is tempted to print a bumper sticker that says: Optimism, a delusional state of mind. I'll have to work on that!

  2. I love you mom. I love your vision and the way you write. Get on that bumper sticker. xo