Our Weekend

This past weekend was one of those ones that makes me so happy! Lazy mornings that move at a pace I can embrace wholeheartedly after the crazy week I had. Slow moving and filled with friends and food. Pretty perfect to me. Saturday we went to a potluck, and not any potluck, a vegan and vegetarian one at that! Since I stopped eating meat once again, I love all the creative and amazing friends I have to inspire me and keep me on my toes while enjoying some seriously scrumptious food. Sunday started off really slow but with a slew of text messages and phone calls from our friends wishing us a Happy Easter. Since my nickname is bunny I'm sure you can imagine that my inbox was quite full. We decided last minute to have a friend over and roast some veggies and a chicken (none for me though). The end of the day resulted in a dance party in Alex's record room, dubbed the man room, bunny glasses included :). Fun times for sure. Hope everyone had a good one too!

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