Day Tripper

Saturday we finally made the trip to Salvation Mountain. I have been wanting to go there for years so I could check it out. I'm really happy we went because it was pretty amazing to see it in person.
Upon arriving we were greeted by Leonard. He was so friendly and eager to show us around his masterpiece.
He brought us to the newer structure that is sort of a half dome with cave like areas that have very tall ceilings lined in brightly colored trees and windows. It was pretty jaw dropping to think he had constructed it himself.
We loved listening to him explain how he built it all. He was very proud of himself. I was proud of him too :)
I loved the bluebirds.
Then Leonard told us to follow the yellow brick road to the top of the mountain so he could show some other people around. He was quite the tour guide.
This is the truck that Leonard calls home.
We couldn't leave without getting a photo with the man himself. Thumbs up to Salvation Mountain!
Alex described this place perfectly. He said it was Yellow Submarine meets God. It totally was.
My pictures don't do this place justice. You must see it for yourself.  

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